About the Journal

Publisher: Biruni University (Faculty of Education)

Psycho-Educational Research Reviews (PERR) is affiliated with Biruni University (Faculty of Education), Istanbul, Turkey.

PERR (ISSN 2634-7172),  formerly known as the International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences [ISSN 2325-775X], is a scientific journal published since 2012 constantly, without delays, three (3) times a year, presently in April, August and December.

General Characteristics of PERR

Aims & Scope

Psycho-Educational Research Reviews (PERR) is a scientific, scholarly journal reporting original contributions that advance knowledge in social sciences with emphasis on education and issues explored in its sub-disciplines such as:

  • primary education
  • educational sciences
  • psychological counseling & guidance ; educational psychology
  • special education
  • sociology of education & social pedagogy (including social work issues)
  • cultural education
  • early childhood education 
  • higher education, adult, vocational, alternative, continuing education (including elderly students)
  • distance education; technology & education
  • language education
  • comparative and international education
  • multilingual and multicultural education
  • historical, philosophical and social foundations of education

Topics may be related to any problems in the social sciences regarding education or its sub-disciplines. Such contributions may include:

  • Theoretical original articles
  • Theoretical reviews
  • Reports of empirical research: quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods
  • Case reports

Submissions: Submitted papers will appear online after initial qualification by the editorial team who evaluate: meeting the scope, quality criteria, detailed publishing standards and editorial policies, and two double-blind reviews. All submitted articles are subjected to a smiliarity (plagiarism) check. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit/upload the similarity reports of their own manuscripts.

Publication Process in short: A rigorous and constructive independent and double-blind peer-review process is employed. Submitted articles are directed to editors firstly. The journal editor directs submissons to the technical team for a careful control in terms of journal template. This process takes a week generally. Then, if the article is not compatible with our template, the author is notified to make the article suitable and resubmit it. The anonymous manuscript that has been adapted to the template is ready for review and submitted to the field editor for initial review. The field editor directs this manuscript belonging to his/her field of expertise to at least two reviewers for evaluation. This process generally takes one month for the first round, and 15 additional days for second round.

The manuscript, which has been prepared by taking into account the referee's evaluations, is also carefully examined by the field editor, and if necessary, it is sent back to the referees for second round evaluation. For the articles approved by the reviewers, the field editor expresses an opinion about publication. Rarely, even if approved by the reviewers, articles that are not considered academically appropriate are discussed by the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board has right to make the final decision on whether to publish the articles. The accepted article is also checked for language and corrections may be requested from the author. All these processes take a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 4 months.

Range: All abstracts and full texts available free online to all universities/institutions worldwide ensures promotion to the widest possible audience.

  • Access: Free on-line volumes and issues of the journal.
  • Free of charges: No costs of the entire publishing process, submission, online publication and access.
  • International focus: PERR has editorial board members, reviewers, and authors from Africa, Europe, North and South America and Asia, e.g.:  Egypt, Poland, Turkey, UAE, United States, Argentine, Palestine, Japan, China, Brazil, Croatia, Jordan, Syria, Germany, Singapore, India, Greece, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Italy, Lebanon, Algeria, United Kingdom, Kosovo, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Advertising Policy

PERR does not currently place any advertising on journals’ webpages or include any advertising in journal issues.

Archiving Policy

PERR has made a commitment to ensure the digital preservation of all scholarly content it publishes. To achieve this, the journal has uploaded the metadata of each article to Archive.org (https://archive.org/details/@prof_dr_mourad_ali). This is to ensure that scholarly articles published by  PERR remain accessible to the public in the event that data is inadvertently lost in the journal's personal archives. 

ISSN: 2634-7172